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Fierce Urgency of Now!
Luke 13:6-9

Old Alarm Clock

         Why Join the Stone Lose to Win?

Make this a year of unprecedented change!

Given an opportunity, most of us would change something about our life...more time, money, health, even more of God. Well, the opportunity is NOW! It's time to examine our lives and make the changes we know are necessary to improve in critical areas. Now is the time to stop wasting time! The goal of the Stone Lose to Win (L2W) is to provide resources such as wellness classes, wellness tools, and activities that promote a holistic healthy lifestyle (body, mind, and spirit). Lose to Win fosters an environment of support and accountability.  Participants can establish daily healthy habits that support a lifetime of wellness.

Please join us!    

March 9th - May 18th, 2024 

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