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Are Diets Good or Bad?

Are diet programs good or bad? This is such a tricky question, isn't it? Let me first preface this by saying that I know I'm lumping a whole lot into the term "diet." When I say diet in this case, I'm talking about a restriction-based plan that tells you exactly what you can and cannot eat.

Here's the thing. When you first start paying more attention to your health and what you eat, you need a starting point because... it can be a bit overwhelming if you are a complete noob to healthy eating! So, for some people, a step-by-step, easy to understand actionable plan might give them that jump start and confidence they need to feel inspired and in control of their decisions.

What most people don't realize though is that many mainstream diet programs aren't designed for long-term use. They are designed for "quick, fast, super-speedy results" or in other words, they are pretty restrictive and tough to follow for an extended period of time. Also, many mainstream diet plans make it difficult to know how to make healthy food choices when you're outside of your routine or strictly controlled environment.

The goal is to have the freedom to make food choices based on what feels best for YOUR body, not based blindly on what somebody else tells you to do. YOU know you better than anyone else. You know what works best for your body, what energizes you, what helps you to feel great.

If you build a healthy relationship with (all) food, then your behavior follows suit.

Food can be nourishing and tasty too, and long-term happy, healthy, weight loss maintenance does not include restriction and deprivation. Once we believe (KNOW) that taking good care of our body is something we GET to do, not something we HAVE to do in order to achieve a number on the scale or the waist band of our pants, we experience how sustainable health and a lean body isn't as tough to achieve and maintain as we originally may have thought.

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