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Join Us For A 12-Week Challenge To Lose Weight And Win For Life!

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Join the Stone Lose To Win Challenge 2019. This is a 12 week challenge and contest held March 3 - May 26, 2019. Sign up as an individual or put a team together of no more than 4 members to participate in the challenge. The contest is open to members and non-members of Cornerstone.

Registration begins February 3, 2019. Individual and team weigh-ins will be held March 2 and 3, 2019. During the weigh-in you will receive your official Lose To Win packet as well as your measurements, BMI numbers, blood pressure and pulse reading.

Each participant must pay a $25 non-refundable participation/registration fee. This money will be used to purchase participant shirts, bi-weekly prizes, and the grand prize for all winners.

The Lose To Win Challenge begins with the baseline weigh-in on Saturday, March 2 between 9am - 11am or Sunday, March 3 from 12pm - 1:15pm. Each member should weigh preferably before eating breakfast. Participants not able to weigh in March 2 or 3 (due to absence) may weigh and record their baseline weight after March 3, but not before. Contact the church office to schedule the weigh-in (817.468.0083).

Each person/team should select a scale and weigh-in using the same scale throughout the competition. We will provide scales for the weigh-ins. Bring or wear clothing for the first weigh-in that you will wear for each weigh-in (or something similar).

During the challenge, participants can weigh-in Sundays after services from 12noon to 1:15pm and Saturdays on training days. The Saturday schedule will be listed on the Lose To Win calendar in the participant’s packet.

Throughout the program, a different exercise or activity will be offered twice a month at the church at no extra charge to the participants. These activities are optional.

Healthy eating and exercise tips will be given throughout the challenge and some classes will be held on Saturdays as well. See the calendar in your packet for additional details.

The individuals and teams who weigh in weekly or bi-monthly will be entered into a drawing for a small weekly prize.

Final weigh-in will be the week of May 19-26. The previous weight recorded will be used as the final weigh-in for participants and team members who are absent on the final weigh-in week. No team member weight will be accepted after May 26.

At the end of the 12 weeks there will be three winners announced (June 2, 2019) at the big reveal celebration. The male and female with the highest percentage of weight lost and the team with largest weight loss percentage. The actual amount paid to each winner will depend upon the number of participants enrolled and the fees collected.


Teams may consist of males and females but no more than 4 members per team. The three highest weight loss percentages from the team will go towards the team’s rankings. This rule will allow teams that lose a member during the competition due to illness, injury, or other issues, to finish the challenge without penalty or having to find a replacement member. HOWEVER, when determining prize ranking for teams finishing with 4 participants, the team member with the lowest percentage of weight lost must be at least 5% by the end of the challenge in order to be dropped.

For Example:

Team member 1: -10.2% Team member 1: -10.2%

Team member 2: -20.6% Team member 2: -20.6%

Team member 3: - 15.3% Team member 3: - 15.3%

Team member 4: - 6.2% Team member 4: - 0.00%

*The value from team * The value from team

member 4 will be dropped. member 4 will NOT be dropped.

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